Your coolest 

Birthday Party 

No stress for the parents

& happy kids

Trampolin Jump Arena Geburtstag Birthday

What´s in the birthday package?

- Jumping time (60 or 120 Minutes)

- Trampolin coaching included

- Table reservation (incl. Decoration, Plates, Napkins & Co.)

- Softdrinks, Snacks & Pizza

- TJA Birthday Present


Top 3 Questions:


1. Do I have to wear a mask while jumping?
No! You don´t have to wear a mask in the sports / play and seating areas.

2. Do accompanying persons have to pay for entrance?
No. Only the jumpers pay entry. Those who do not jump are welcome to stay in our free children's play area, seating area or in our arcade.

3. What if I get a late cancallation from a birthday guest?
We recommend to book approx. 2 tickets less than guests are expected. This gives you a small buffer.

If we receive your info by telephone at least 1 day before your visit, we can adjust the booking slightly without any problems ;-) (+ / - 1 to 2 jumpers).


P.S.: You are welcome to bring a birthday cake or muffins. No other food or drink are allowed (except for water in plastic bottles).


Find more answers to frequently ask questions here.

We are looking forward to your visit!

TJA Team